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There are times in life when we have more questions than answers. Beginning to talk about anxiety, chaos or grief can be the first step to overcoming the hurdles you are facing. Seeking professional help is a way to take charge of your life and of the decisions you want to make but are unsure of. It may be that your relationships or life circumstances don't give you the validation or affirmation you need to make changes. I offer a confidential, caring and listening space, where you can talk freely and openly without fear of being judged or not taken seriously.

How Counselling Can Help


Why do people choose to have counselling?

Usually people choose to seek therapy because they are experiencing difficulties and distress in their lives. Even when someone has the most supportive family and friends, they can still feel isolated, anxious or depressed. It may be easier to talk about personal, family, or relationship issues with someone's who's independent. There are many life events or issues that are difficult to deal with - such as addiction, bereavement, divorce, redundancy, coping with health issues, bullying - to name a few. However, you don't have to be in crisis, or on the verge of one, before choosing to seek therapy. You may be experiencing underlying feelings of dissatisfaction with life in general, or simply seeking more balance. All are good reasons to have therapy. *


How will therapy make me feel?

Therapy is a very personal process. Sometimes it is necessary to talk about painful feelings or difficult decisions; you may therefore go through a period of feeling worse than when you started. However, therapy should enable you to feel better in the long-run. Usually it will take a number of counselling sessions before therapy starts to make a difference. However on rare occasions, a single session may be enough. *


How can therapy facilitate change?

While counsellors will not specifically direct you in what to do, what we will do is help you uncover your own insight and understanding of your problems, providing you with the tools that will help you to resolve them. Counselling should grow your self-awareness, allowing you to learn why you react or rely on the things you do, and form the habits you have. This greater awareness will help empower you to make more informed choices in your life and therefore facilitate different outcomes. *

* Taken from BACP & Counselling Directory 



Contact me for a friendly chat, or email me, if you are considering counselling. I will try to work in a way that suits your individual needs and circumstances.

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